Discover the city

with Russian soul and German spirit

Travel to Kaliningrad via Poland and Lithuania (Land border) in 2022 is possible with Baltic Russia help!

We will take care of everything including solutions and good rate for money exchange!

no need to bring cash in euros or dollars. you will receive roubles upon your arrival. 

We will take care of your itinerary, flights, accommodation

With us your staying in kaliningrad will be pleasant in spite of the difficulties created by the war and sanctions... for more details - call or send us an email

Everything is possible!



Our Group Tours are for You if Your Values are 

* Unforgettable Emotions and Memories (You will have time to see not only everything but even more!)
* Excitement (from the fact that the Most Delicious places will be visited and "tasted" and the Most Beautiful - will be shown!)

Comfort being on a tour with other 5 - max 20 people

* Savings (you pay less than for the private tour, if there is one or two of you! The saved money can be spent for beautiful presents and delicious lunch!) 

* A Good Rest and Pleasure 

Book Our Tours beforehand (better 1-2 weeks before), so we will always have spots for you. We value the tourists who can plan and take care of their holidays in advance!