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About Us

"We have a mission to make Kaliningrad region more open and connected with the world by being the most reliable, safe and easy service  brand for our tourists" (Company's Mission Statement 2018). Baltic Russia was founded in 2018 by two co-founders, friends, who are very  enthusiastic people, inspired by one vision, similar ideas and love to their homeland - Kaliningrad region!


We are not new in doing this. With having more than 10 years of guiding experience, while working as guides ourselves for the companies in Kaliningrad, we do understand the tourists, their expectations of the services and their needs!

Our values are quality, commitment and flexibility! We love what we do and we tend to do it the best way whether it comes to cooperation with our partners or individual tourists.

We do believe we are here to give. Supporting mentally, physically-impaired children from the orphanages in Kaliningrad region means a lot to us. 

All two of us lead a healthy way of life, develop healthy habits and enjoy every minute of this marvelous and precious Adventure called Life.

Welcome to the Kaliningrad oblast!

Marina and Olya



The Baltic Russia experience

Our service is always client-centered and we do believe with our perfect vehicles and a range of carefully created itineraries our guests will be happy to explore beautiful Kaliningrad region.

Our vehicles offer seating for up to 20 passengers, are spacious enough to feel comfortable during the tours, equipped with air-conditioning. 

Baltic Russia itinararies and experiences have an emphasis on touching, tasting and learning. With this airm our tours are for small groups and a personal approach is used to satisfy tastes of every client. 

Let us show you the spirit of Kaliningrad region!

Our Team of Guides



Director, guide

Olga is one of the founders of Baltic Russia Co. With a love for travel and the amazing cultural experiences she has strong passion for leading a travel company. She is energetic, broad-minded and always on the move with new ideas and projects. She speaks English, Polish and Italian. Apart from that, she still does guiding because this is the most rewarding and fulfilling job ever for her! 


marina motovilova

CEO, guide

Marina is one of the founders of Baltic Russia Co. She has been involved in the travel industry for over 10 years. Her management skills are very strong, she enjoys delivering the best and amazing experiences for our guests. A lover of Chinese culture and language Marina is very excited and passionate about the future of BalticRussia and tourism in the Kaliningrad region. Being an English and Chinese-speaking guide is still very important for her!







lina kramen


Lina is our English and Swedish speaking guide. She is born and bred in Kaliningrad, has excellent communication skills and enjoys researching and hunting for interesting facts about her hometown. She has both educational and professional background in languages, culture and social studies. Her extensive experience in working among local architects, archaeologists and museum specialists combined with personal enthusiasm will make her tour interesting and enjoyable.


eduard kurilovich


Eduard has participated in all kinds of international projects in Kaliningrad. Since then, he has grown fond of meeting overseas visitors. Eduard strives to make sense of Russia and Kaliningrad through the eyes of travellers from abroad. He likes to be creative in meeting new challenges. Tourists from the Netherlands asked Eduard: There is quite a lot to do and see in Kaliningrad, why is it not so much promoted? These words inspire him to unlock Kaliningrad’s tourist potential with greater enthusiasm!

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