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Welcome to the Kaliningrad region!

Baltic Russia Tours run on harmony, respected approach and lots of positive emotions! Our Tours can be organized in English, Chinese, Russian, German, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish languages!

Check our touring options according to the destinations:

Sometimes one day just isn't enough. For visitors wanting a more in-depth exploration of Kaliningrad and beyond, we offer extended tours, multi-day tours, where clients can tailor their own adventures! Multi-Day Tours are perfect if you’re looking to maximize your opportunity for adventure in a specific amount of time. If you would like to extend your trip to nearby Gdansk or Klaipeda, multi-day tour booking is exactly what you need!

Welcome also for our New Year Tours and Tours for Kids (+Educational Packages)!
Let us show you the spirit of Kaliningrad region and surrounding area!


kaliningrad travel packages AND OTHER TOURS

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