Kaliningrad is our beloved city. It is known for its specific location in Europe, being far away from the rest of Russia. Centuries of fascinatin ghistory have shaped this city being known as Koenigsberg in the past. It was a part of East Prussia which ceased its existence after World War II. 

Being closed for foreigners during the Soviet time, this part of Russia has been in a rapid development only for the past 10 years. Today's Kaliningrad is a city where the old and modern combine to create a unique atmosphere. 

Believe us - it does have its own distinct flavour and spirit!

"It was worth coming here" - say all our tourists!

Residents of Kaliningrad are hospitable, friendly and passionate about welcoming foreign guests to their city!

Excursions by Baltic Russia will deliver you unforgettable Emotions!

Baltic Russia Tours offers a few types of city tour options, to suit all tastes. We do have group and private tours!

Kaliningrad a la carte is an excellent option for first-time visitors to the city.