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welcome to yantarny

Yantarny (Ger. Palmnicken) is a well-known resort today not only in the Kaliningrad region but in Russia. It has become the first one in Russia to receive the "Blue Flag" certification!

Its history dates back to the 17th century and it became quite developed after the firm Stantian & Becker was founded in 1858 which created the first open pit amber mine in the world. 

Today's Yantarny can boast the widest beaches in the Kaliningrad oblast, the festival - competition Amberfest which is held annually in summer time, beach volleyball competitions and of course 40-60 million year old Baltic Amber, extracted from Primorskoye Amber Mine. Amber deposits there make 90% of all amber reserves in the world. Isn't it a unique place to visit?

Baltic Russia guides will take you on a tour to Yantarny, which can be combined either with Svetlogorsk or Baltiysk.

You won't find a better way to explore this amazing town!

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