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welcome to svetlogorsk

Svetlogorsk (Ger. Rauschen) is a coastal town that got a status of a resort in 1820. 

It preserves the German character and architecture more than other seaside towns in the region. It had been known as a resort for well-off people in Germany.

The following words will describe Svetlogorsk more vividly: botanic garden, wild grapes, pines, larches, birches, romantic downhills, iodine, mineral waters, sun dial, cinema festival, peace and quiet... Thomas Mann, Hermann Brachert and Kathe Kollwitz -  all of them had a reason to come here during summer time. 

Enjoy a stroll in the town. Learn of the town's masterpieces of sculpture. Take a walk along the beach-side promenade and enjoy stunning coastal scenery. 

Other attractions you may want to include in your day are Amber Mine in Yantarny or Dancing Forest and Epha's Height on the Curonian Spit.

Discover this cozy coastal town with Baltic Russia tours!

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