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A TASTE of PRussia


8 Hours (approximately) 

Price - 100 EUR per person


  • Luxury vehicle (20 people max)
  • Professional local guide and driver
  • Lunch at a local chic restaurant during the tour 
  • Questions/answers time with a guide at the restaurant
  • 2 museums (Cathedral - concert hall, Koenigsberg Fort )
  • Pick up from terminal and return to your ship
    Departure time
  • Depending on your cruise schedule
    Tipping policy
    Tips in Russia are always welcomed! If you are happy with the guide's / and driver's job, bring them joy and make them feel appreciated!

A TASTE of PRussia

  • Tour Details

    Kaliningrad is our beloved home. A small, cozy and at the same time dynamic city being developed so rapidly within the past few years and begging to be explored...  A mixture of German, Soviet and Russian architecture, the sights of medieval history, red-bricked fortification, local people who love and respect German history - this is all Kaliningrad!

    You will see inside the heart and soul of our city and come to realize just why we love Kaliningrad! A perfect way to start any Kaliningrad visit!


    • Fishing Village, Kant's Island, Immanuel Kant's Tomb and Koenigsberg Cathedral
    • Koenigsberg Fort - the best fort for visiting in Kaliningrad
    • Neo-Gothic Style fortifications of the city - City Gates (Brandenburg Gate, Rossgarten Gate, Zakhaim Gate, King's Gate)
    • Delicious lunch in one of the greatest restaurants in Kaliningrad
    • A special sight of the XIII century in the suburbs of Kaliningrad with special indoor atmosphere that touches your soul


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