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welcome to the east of kaliningrad oblast

Eastern part of Kaliningrad oblast is an opposite side of the seaside. This part is very different from Kaliningrad city and the seaside area but it has its own fascinating history and would be very much of an interest  for history lovers.

The spirit of East Prussia can be felt there. 

There are different itinariries for this part of the region, as to see everything which is worth seeing is not possible within one day. You can choose from such destinations as Chernyakhovsk-Insterburg, Gusev-Gumbinnen, Sovetsk-Tilzit - the cities where significant world-known historical events took place, Gvardeysk-Tapiau, Pravdinsk-Friedland and other towns and settlements. These are considered hidden places for foreigners.


More deep Teutonic Knights History with visiting 'the ruined' castles, wartime history - Seven Years War, Napoleonic War,  World War I, World War II - this informatino will be provided for you during the tour to the East of Kaliningrad region.

Since this off the beaten track tour can be private only, Baltic Russia guides are always flexible and can tailor the tour to your needs and wishes. 

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