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The Second Homeland of the Lutheran Religion


We invite you to the Kaliningrad region for a spiritual excursion.

The Russian island in the heart of Europe, the Kaliningrad region, has a noteworthy Christian history, with which we would like to acquaint sincere believers and curious travelers.

It will be an unusual excursion that will help to reveal new secrets of our land!

During our tour you will learn how Protestantism arose in East Prussia, the “second home” of which Konigsberg can rightfully be considered, and how our Protestants live today. Indeed, on this land, back in 1525, the first state was formed, based on the ideas of the great Martin Luther.We dedicate this excursion to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and the Protestant religion in Russia will also celebrate its 500th anniversary soon!


Price: 55 Euros


- comfortable vehicle 

- professional guide

- lunch


The Second Homeland of the Lutheran Religion


  • Details

    Our excursion will begin with the Konigsberg Cathedral, where the first Protestant sermon was delivered at the beginning of the 16th century.
    We will visit four restored churches, significant to us, with an amazing fate, one of which is currently a functioning Lutheran church. You will learn about the children of the reformer Martin Luther who lived and were buried on this earth.

    The Kaliningrad Land is a special island in the Christian world, one might say a bridge connecting through the centuries the three main branches of Christianity, a bridge in the Christian World!

    You will visit:

    - Koenigsberg Cathedral

    - 4 Churches

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