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Educational Tours in English For Schoolchildren and Adults

Are you an Educator struggling with your students, seeing they are bored at their desks and their swotting is unproductive?
Then Educational Tours organized by Baltic Russia Team is a great way to bring children out of their routines and give them an opportunity for meaningful, immersive, educational experiences!
It is proven that live demonstrations, guided sightseeing  make every experience a teachable moment.
“Hands-on learning” of English and History can be so much fun for the kids and deliver them inspiration, confidence and more connection to the world around them!

Educational Tours in English For Schoolchildren and Adults

  • Description

    We offer the following expertly guided tours (for about 15 persons):

    1. 2h walking tour in Kalinigrad
    2. 3h city tour by bus
    3. 1,5h tour in the Amber Museum and Koenigsberg Cathedral
    4. Curonian Spit (7h)
    5. Amber Museum + Yantarny (Amber  Mine) – 7h

     We will put smiles on children’s faces and assist educators in achieving their curriculum goals.
    – Children will get materials with a new glossary and usage of new words/expressions.
    – The things children see and experience during the educational tours will increase their motivation for learning.

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