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Tours  For  Children

Dear Guests!

We invite you and your kids to take our tours in Kaliningrad region!

Interesting school tours for different ages. Classic, thematic and interactive excursions for schoolchildren in Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region within the framework of the SCHOOL KALININGRAD KALEIDOSCOPE project.


Tours for School Vacations and throughout the school year. Kaliningrad and its suburbs, Curonian Spit National Park, Zelenogradsk, Yantarny, Svetlogorsk, old castles of East Prussia, red-brick forts of Konigsberg. Our guides do the tours for schoolchildren in a funny way! They will find the "golden stone" of the Baltic coast, count the steps leading to the sundial, find the Brandenburg Gate and taste the Königsberg delicacy there, count the cats in Zelenogradsk and homlins in Kaliningrad, and also come closer to the  biggest organ in Russia!

Welcome to Take one of our Educational tours for English Studies if you are learning English!

They are provided by guides with a high level of knowledge of the English language, who themselves have developed these tours. For each excursion a list of unfamiliar words, handouts and games are prepared! A good knowledge of the English language gives us almost limitless possibilities in knowing the world around us. There are no similar excursions in the Kaliningrad region.

Tour Options:

* Walking tour in Kaliningrad,

* 2 hours tour in Kaliningrad,

* 3 hours Amber Museum and Konigsberg Cathedral,

* 1.5 hours National Park Curonian Spit,

* approx. 7 hours  Amber Tour,

* Acquaintance with the Amber Land in English will be an invaluable incentive for less prepared students!

We can organize a whole Kaliningrad package tour for the schoolchildren and students, with accommodation and meals.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Kaliningrad region!

Baltic Russia Co.


Se desideri avere il tuo tour completamente personalizzato in base alle tue esigenze e ai tuoi desideri, Contattaci con la tua richiesta!

Ci piacerebbe sentire la tua opinione!
Il Baltic Russia Team creerà un itinerario su misura per te.

Indirizzo: Cherepichnaya st 2 Kaliningrad 236006, Russia / Telefono +7909775 97 44

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